Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I already stopped working.! so bored! HONG LEONG YAMAHA MOTOR is where I work. haha. this work is very tired. but this works best.! Faizi and Hasbullah is the head of my zone. It can hold these people care .. want to know, there is a ghost teeth .. haha. Sanjay Nepal stupid ...! like sulking. always have to make fun of my head. huhu. I can not forget. opss .. before forgotten, momoi stella work with me .. haha. He is very excited. but soon he was working. . at the initial stop. . I live alone. . more tired la .. That's why I resigned as well. haha. but now I'm bored sitting at home even though only three days I stopped. huh. . bored ... Soon I will continue to learn .. wahh .. do not know what will happen .. huhu .. just wait and see what will happen later. . hope I can learn there. away from family, friends and the community .. haha .. I live in the sea later .. very nervous! but excited! I will live with a ship at sea. . wawa ... how is life in there later eh? ... horror! Looking for a mate in there but not many girls .. haha .. anyone want me? I'm here ... haha .. maluu .. ok .. I'll find a beautiful woman. . who are beautiful, come here. ayokk! haha .. crazy.! too lazy to think. . .. I just continue the story will continue to study the UniKL MIMET. You know what? MALAYSIAN INSTITUTE OF MARINE ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY ... already know? haha .. do not think I passed the interview. . very funny! haha.k laa. I do not know want to say any more. daa ..i want to go carik jodoh laa.haha

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