Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Lalala ~ I met at my favorite women. but I do not know how to get DIA. hurm .. I do not know how to attract attention. DIA is very attractive. according to me with DIA ​​eh? made me very dizzy. If I get DIA, I will not waste it. I will make DIA laugh + fun + love + and many more . I will not make DIA cry because of me. c (;. I'm very attracted to DIA. if I'm going to DIA eh? umm .. DIA kind of did not want to treat me. anyone have a way to lure in DIA.? telling me. lalalala ~ DIA makes me so not necessarily the present. . hahaha. jiwang gilerrr. I'm embarrassed.;-) are important I can see DIA every day. . just pictures. Lalala ~ if it is DIA knows I like DIA, waahhhh .. maaluuu glerrr beb! fortunately I have this blog nauseating feeling. haha. hope DIA will read later. =)))) because DIA already made ​​me want to be crazy now. difficult if there is a heart and feelings yaa.!. haha. okay youu guys. I will update this blog later. chawwww!!


  1. haha.Nanti aku kasi tau laa..maluu la skng.hehe

  2. WAH.WAH.
    story laa laa beb,
    sejak bile berahsia nh?
    AMIR JIWANG!kui3*

  3. hahaa. sejakk single ni la .lalala~